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Finnair flight AY1042/24APR departed from Tartu to Helsinki at 11.39


The first launch of an aircraft in Estonia took place in the surroundings of Tartu — in Raadi, that later became the airfield which was used by the military forces, in the year 1912.

Tartu Airport has been in the place where it is now since the year 1946 when the unit of the planes of medical aid was set up there. Later it was known as Maarjamõisa Hospital — the basis of ambulance flights of the Estonian medical schooling. Most of the flights were organised for the need of agriculture and forestry. When the number of passenger flights increased, a new runaway and premises were built.

Regular flights to Piirissaare, Jõhvi, Narva, Viljandi, Võru, Valga, Pärnu, Kihnu, Ruhnu, Kuressaare, Kärdla, Leningrad, Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Simferopol and Helsinki have got their start from here.

The territory of southern-Estonia of Tartu Airport includes circa 400,000 inhabitants with 6 district centres. A quarter of the inhabitants live in Tartu.

Since the year 1990 Tartu Airport has been training base for the aviation education. At the present moment Estonian Aviation Academy is the biggest employer of the airport and the maximum share of training flights has reached as high as 98 per cent in the year.

Tartu is the city of schools and training. Tartu University, Estonian University of Agriculture and six other institutions of higher education, University Clinic, Baltic Defence College, Estonian School of Higher Military Education and all other institutions and companies of Tartu have the fastest contact with other states namely than to the airport.

Tartu air-gate with its runaway of 1400 meters is daily open to international flights within the conditions of instrumental flight. Also, the customs and bordeguard work there.

The beautiful nature of the southern-Estonia attracts hikers, holiday makers, also hunters and fishermen as well as in summer and in winter. One of the biggest lakes of Europe — Peipsi — is attractive, too. The highlight of the skiing winter is Tartu Marathon which has now been included in the Wordloppet Championship. The headquarters of this event is located in Tartu, beside the Song Festival ground where the concerts of world famous musicians and of course, the Song Festivals that got their start from Tartu, take place.

From the point of state aviation, Tartu Airport holds an important position as for fulfilling the operational tasks.

The oldest town of the Baltic States, the university town of Tartu has declared itself as the city of good thoughts.