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Finnair flight AY1046/25MAY departed from Tartu to Helsinki at 05:22

Tartu Airport

Tartu International Airport is located in Ülenurme, Tartu county.  


The length of the runway is 1799 metres and width 31 metres.


Traveling past the Võru highway outside of Tartu, 1 km after highway junction with traffic lights you come to a right-hand sideroad (about 6 km after you leave the Tartu city limits). At this junction a sign indicates that the airport is 2 km.You can also get to the airport, when leaving Tartu, by way of the Valga highway, taking turn to the left near village Külitse.   


Find the location map HERE.

Tartu airport´s main activities include regular international flights, providing also services for private and charter flights. Tartu airport is also a base airport for training flights of Estonian Aviation Academy.

In 2008-2013 comprehensive restructuring works were carried out in Tartu Airport. In 2008 the runway was extended to 1,799 metres, new CAT I runway lights were installed and an auxiliary building to the air control tower with a 360 degree view was built. In 2009  the passenger terminal has been renovated and and service equipment garage was built. In 2010 the navigation equipment ILS CAT I was installed on landing course 26 and DME and radio beacons on course 08, in 2011 an aircraft service hall and hangar were  built. As a result of renovation works, Tartu Airport  is able to service international regular flights according to appropriate operations requirements.

On July the 3rd, 2009, the Latvian airline airBaltic launched international nonstop flights between Riga and Tartu.

Starting from October 30, 2011 Finnish airline Flybe Finland started operating international flights (in cooperation with Finnair) on route Helsinki  - Tartu – Helsinki, starting from May 01, 2015 Finnair took over the route, operator is Finnish commuter, Nordic Regional Airlines, NoRRA.