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Finnair flight AY1042/17MAR departed from Tartu to Helsinki at 12.03

Airport Shuttle

Designed as the   , minibus is driving between Tartu City and Airport: our main purpose is a flexible service for passengers flying by international airlines.


AirportShuttle minibus departs from Tartu Ülenurme Airport approx. 15 minutes after the arrival of a flight, and will wait for all passengers who need transport. Passengers are driven to the address in Tartu they request.


From Tartu City to Ülenurme Airport  You can order minibus to the more suitable place for you but you are limited by the standard timetable. Orders can be made by phone +372 505 4342 or internet - - minimum 12 h before departure.


The bus departs from stops at Annelinna Keskus  ~1h 40 min and from Kaubamaja  ~1h 20 min before flight departure.


Ticket price is fixed –  5.-  EUR  - to be paid to the driver with either cash or credit card.
The airport’s bus stop is located in front of the terminal.