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Finnair flight AY1042/24APR departed from Tartu to Helsinki at 11.39


Online registration for a flight is easy and comfortable and thereby the activities required for the flight take much less time in the airport. When registering in time it is possible to choose a suitable seat. However, when travelling with family or friends, it is possible to avoid inconveniences that may arise in case of sold-out flights. Thus it is possible to prevent sitting far from the family and friends during the flight.

Depending on the airline, it is possible to chec-in for a flight through internet 30 hours to 1 hour before the departure of the flight  – to choose a seat and check-in either with luggage or without luggage. Depending on the airline a boarding pass in A4 format can be printed out at home. When arriving at the airport you do not have to register for a flight again. In case you would also like to check-in your luggage, then this can be done at the drop-off desk. The possibilities of pre-registration are different in case of various airlines, therefore we suggest to contact the airline or your tour operator before coming to the airport and specify the details. 

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