Arriving at the Airport

Tartu Airport is located just 10km from Tartu city centre. You can access the airport by car, taxi or using the “Airport Shuttle” bus service. There is ample parking available at the front of the airport.

By car

Parking your car right at the airport makes travelling especially convenient. You’ll have quick and easy access to your car as soon as you land! Our unattended parking lot has spaces for 60 vehicles; it’s free of charge and located right in front of the airport terminal building.

Please make sure you leave enough time for your journey to the airport.  Google Maps can help you plan how long it might take you.

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By Airport Express

The electric bus will transport travellers to their early morning flight and bring arriving passengers to the city. The start and end point of the line is by the Annelinna Keskus (Kalda tee 43).

From Monday to Saturday, the bus travels along the itinerary Annelinna Keskus (at 3.50) – Eeden (at 3.52) – Atlantis (at 3.56) – Kesklinn V (at 3.58) – Kaare (at 4.01) – Karete (at 4.07) – Lennujaam (at 4.20).

By Taxi

Using a taxi to get to the airport is easy and convenient: taxis can drop you right in front of the airport terminal. Tartu airport is located about 10km from Tartu city centre and average taxi fares are around 11-14 EUR.

Use Google maps to find out your distance from the airport, and make sure you have ample time to make it there before your flight!

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